By Princess Pat Akpabio

We live in a world where fake news and fake gist sells newspapers and trend blogs. The new media and the old media seem to be in collaboration to distort how news and information is circulated to the consumers at the top and the end users at the bottom. Then we have human beings who are neither writers nor bloggers of any sort in this other end, who specialise in spreading falsehood and creating enmity and hate in their environment for whatever reason, it make them feel better, perhaps superior to others.

What do you gain from living a fake life? What do you gain from spreading rumours, unverified information aka gossip about someone else? What do you gain from pushing another person down or blowing out another’ candle light? Does it make you feel better being a sadist? With this negativity going on in your life, do you think you are a qualified candidate for heaven? What do you stand to gain in the fake news that you publish and blog about others you know nothing about? How would you feel if the table were turned and you were the victim of your own making and doings to others?

When will you stop to realize that you are nothing but mortal judging another mortal like yourself and therefore it is wrong to judge others? You are not God and so you have to moral standing nor justification to judge what you didn’t create?

I address my verses to you Mr & MRS Perfect who think they know others even more than God, the creator of all living and none living things. Judge not so that you may not be judged. Condemn others no more, so that you shall not be condemned. It is written, the same measurement you measure for others, so shall it be measured for you, only double. You are the first to cry foul when people say untrue things about you, but you forget so soon the things you have said about others in their absence. You will only reap what you sow. Life is quantum merit, what you put in is what you get out.

Don’t be in a hurry to judge others. Don’t be in a hurry to put a description on what you don’t understand. Don’t conclude anybody’ matter you are not God. Don’t spread wrong information about others because you dislike or hate the person, that could be your destiny helper. Don’t be too comfortable and excited when you hear negative report about that woman or man you feel she or he is doing too much or thinks is better than you, there is a great possibility that, that is only your imagination not the truth about him or her.

You don’t know what people have been through in this life only to be misjudged wrongly and misunderstood by us. The fact that you see them smile and dress good doesn’t mean they are not hurting inside or scaring inside. Learn to give people a chance even if you think they don’t deserve it. Be the reason someone is smiling each day not the reason they are crying each day.
Remember, you will be remembered by how you made others feel when they were in your presence.

We are no where closed to being perfect, but I believe that we can touch more lives positively if we are nice to that stranger. I believe we can spread more love, if we learn to love ourselves first. Self love is the key to stop spreading rumours about others because if done to us, we won’t like it, therefore, practice the golden rule in life so that we can join forces to heal the world and make it a better Place.

Learn to apologize when you know you were wrong about someone, it is like tale as old as time, tune as old as song, bittersweet and strange finding you were wrong, learning you can change. It is absolutely ok, to say I was wrong about you based on what I heard or read about you. “Never judge a book by the cover but by the content therein”~Patience Akpabio. FAKE NEWS, FAKE LIFE, RUMOURS ARE A DESTROYER

I am Princess Pat Akpabio and that is Changing Minds, Changing Attitudes.