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By Princess Pat Akpabio It was the French Philosopher, Francais Rouchefoucald who said, and i quote; “If we had no faults we should not take

By Princess Pat Akpabio While reminiscing on the deadly corona-virus, the fear and the apprehensions it has brought to humanity, i quickly remembered, that there

Princess Pat Akpabio King David understood the gains of Praise, when be wrote the Fourty seventh Psalm, and his sixth verse “God has gone up

By Princess Pat Akpabio Betrayal! I keep reflecting on it, and it deepens into a series of discussion. It evolves into lots of scenarios and

Princess Pat Akpabio In a world where many have questioned the immorality in paying for an act that is perfectly illegal, if done free? A

By Princess Pat Akpabio As an alumnus of the Prestigious Georgia State University, Atlanta Georgia, i ran into a friend, who is curently a Psychology

By Princess Pat Akpabio 
 Many in our society have tried to define and understand the power of a girl in our society without giving

By Princess Pat Akpabio
 Does religion talk about sex? How often does religion talk about sex and the importance of it in relationships explicitly? Religion

By Princess Pat Akpabio I have been pondering over this question for years now since I was a child. Men are polygamous by nature they