Best Caring Tips for your Skin

By Princess Pat Akpabio (Guest contributor: Edidiong Ituen

How you take care of your skin, face, hands legs, and generally your entire body will show on your daily appearances as you live on earth.

It is important that you care for your whole body so that it will carry you cooperatively as you age. Aging gracefully isn’t rocket science to some people because they take the time to care for their bodies knowing fully well that the journey ahead of them is far but to some people, it is a big deal following the daily routine of caring for themselves.

Follow me as I share some beauty tips that will help you in looking radiantly beautiful daily.

Top Skin Care Tips To Having A Naturally Radiant Skin 

Lately, I have been doing a lot of research on glowing your skin and looking much younger. The funniest thing is that it doesn’t cost so much to archive looking young and youthful with a radiating SMILE.

The first thing you must know how to do daily is keeping a smiling face always. Did you know that smiling reduces the stress that your body and mind feel and also generates more positive emotions within you?

Did you know that smiling often attracts good and positive vibes from the people around while opening doors for a positive relationship with others? Oh yes, it does.

Smiling leaves your face irresistible to notice by those around you and gives you a lot of compliments such as “you are so beautiful” “You have such a radiant smile” your smile is a charmer” you can light up a dark room with your smile” your beauty can put sunlight on a cloudy sky.” This list of compliments is inexhaustible. It is easier to smile than to frown. It takes more muscles to smile than to frown but frown takes a lot of energy to pull together to twist the face and make it look ugly.

So it is better to smile because it makes you look more beautiful and at peace with your inner self which radiates on the outside for many to see. “JUST SMILE” it makes your world a Better place to dwell. 

Your Skin: To get younger glowing skin, Eating fruits for breakfast is very healthy and works as amazing detoxification. Fresh green veggies work wonders at keeping your skin looking amazingly fresh.

Cucumber is filled with lots of water and having it will have a great effect on your skin naturally lightening dark under eyes and giving you a youthful natural glow.

One of the greatest things I have also read on is how great avocado works for anti-aging when consumed, please do well to add it to your meal plan. 

Exfoliation of your skin: is so important in keeping your skin clear but most of us don’t even know what exfoliation is or what it does.

Exfoliating your skin removes dead Skin Cells so that any skincare product you apply on your Skin will work effectively. If you don’t exfoliate your skin, whatever you use may not work on you and it will lead to dissatisfaction with your general skin appearance.

When you are dissatisfied with your skin appearance and you thinking the products you are using are not working, you begin to jump from one skin product to another thinking that will improve your skin appearance, when the simple solution is exfoliating. 

The benefit of why you should use an exfoliating scrub? 90 percent of the dust around us is dead skin cells and no amount of treatment you use can work. So examples of exfoliating scrub are “sugar scrub” “coconut oil salt scrub” “exfoliating mineral body scrub” and there are other types in the market.

How to use it: gently rub it all over your body for 20mins or more, then wash with water this should be done At least twice a week. Don’t forget to also use a daily refreshing face wash for your face.

Treat your face to a facial spray mist and your body to a body mist which adds a soothing boost of hydration as antioxidants such as vitamin C in the mist combats skin-aging free radicals- leaving the skin bright and freshly balanced and smelling good.

Drink a lot of water daily. Check your weight and know your age because the amount of water you need to drink varies based on these two factors. A good amount to start daily is 64oz. Drinking a lot of water prevents daytime fatigue and hasn’t got any side effects.

Water helps to eliminate waste. Water helps keep your joints lubricated, prevents infections oh did I mention that it also helps control your body temperature and it supplies nutrients to the cells in your body, yes it does. Another benefit of water is you will have clearer skin and it hides dark cycles. So, drink up ladies and gentlemen.

What you feed yourself matters and will show in the long run. How you take care of your skin will determine how quickly you age as you advance in age. Love yourself, ain’t nothing wrong with self-love. Pamper your skin to treats like getting a full-body spa once every month it helps ease of stress and adds to your glow essentials and beauty rudiments.

You have one life to live folks, so live it well By taking care of yourself and your skin-Body.

I am Princess Pat Akpabio and this is Changing minds changing attitudes