Beauty Secrets: Beyond the Makeup

By Princess Pat Akpabio

We live in a society where everything we see on media showcases of artificial beauty which is superficial beauty which is surface beauty aided by so many cosmetics to enhance the way we look. True beauty is skin deep I’ll dare to say true beauty is soul-deep and spirit deep. The true beauty of a person that radiates on their ward appearances that makes them glow comes from their innermost being.

Six 6 tips on enhancing your natural beauty

  1. Be happy: Being happy has a way of bringing out the beauty in a person. A happy person Glo’s in a sad environment where everyone has some form of the issue to deal with. Being happy is a choice in the midst of life’s hustling and bustling. When you want to see the beauty of yourself, try being happy cautiously when all the world throws at you need to be met. Notice that when you are happy your face fine wrinkle lines aren’t visibly seen because your happiness from within took care of it.
  2. Be at peace with yourself. No rain will last forever and after the rain must come sunshine. Inner peace brings out one’s beauty in the midst of adversity where everything and everyone is demanding on you. Some needs are yet to be met, just have peace within you that all will be well. When you are at peace with yourself, you notice everything falls into place, your beauty radiates and you can focus and plan to achieve your goals.
  3. Laugh at yourself: laughing eases off the tension of the moments and gets your heartbeat pumping excitingly as your face shows the expression of your heart at that moment when you laughed. Life is already complicated as it is, so learn to laugh at everything rather than take offense. Laughing exercises the facial muscles and gets the face to relax afterward. You put sunshine on your cloud and others when you share laughter with them and this just adds to your natural beauty
  4. Watch what you eat: what you eat is a reflection of who you are. You eat fatty foods, I am sure you know what you will look like. You eat healthy and balanced meals, it will reflect on your inner and outer being. Cultivate the habit of loving your body and self enough to watch what you feed your body. Eat healthily it adds to your natural beauty
  5. Be contented: contentment in what you have at the moment removes mental stress from you which could affect your physical and emotional self. Be satisfied with what you have for today knowing that what you don’t have today you will have it tomorrow. If you want to maintain a youthful appearance live life one day at a time.
  6. Sleep: you deserve to rest because you are beloved. sleep has a way of making us wake up rested and refreshed. Good sleep means good mental alertness, a relaxed body and you can’t pay for the freshness and smoothness of your face after a good sleep. Sleep gives you a natural beauty that no amount of makeup can compete with.

Beyond the makeup, ain’t nothing as satisfying and assuring as the natural beautiful you in front of your mirror. You are who you see on the inside of you outside.
The sun doesn’t struggle to shine when the day breaks neither should you struggle to stay beautiful because everything God created is beautiful and that includes YOU.

I am Princess Pat Akpabio and this is changing minds changing attitudes.