4 Ways to Surviving The Post Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Princess Pat Akpabio

I know that a lot of people are going through so much right now dealing with the covid19 pandemic, ranging from but not limited to, lost of loved ones, lost of jobs, those who were entrepreneurs have lost their businesses, some have gone into depression, so many are disheartened, hopeless and confused as to what lays ahead especially with the constant news of the world economy going into depression.

I will be addressing ways to survive as we continue to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic and the post Pandemic era

So how do your survive? How does one cope with not having enough for self, your household. What are the ways to survive?
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  1. Survival: The master stroke is that you will make it in and through this pandemic. It is not that you are going to make all the profit in your business that you have invested in but that you just have to stay afloat. First is survival. You must survive but just be determined to live through this era know that it is going to get better. You can not let this covid19 virus consume you. You have to lookout for yourself by following all the health guides lines issued by the government and health care professionals. Staying alive is very important. What kills hope for a better future and tomorrow is physical death. So stay alive in order to see your hope for A better tomorrow manifest
  2. Restrategize your business to stay afloat: It’s ok to follow your dreams but you have to stay afloat and not just staying afloat but you have to make sure that you look into the various businesses that you are looking at doing or are already doing. In this critical time, that we live in, it is not just about instinct, it is what you know that at the moment, this is the new normal, these are what the people are looking at. So what are people looking at from the services that you provide to them at this time? What is most important to people right now in order to stay afloat? You need to know this, So you don’t dabble into unprofitable business venture. For instance, you deal on cars, you are a car mechanic or a car dealership, as a mechanic, how can you rebrand an old car to become a new car at an affordable rate to the owner who may not be looking at buying a new car but repairing the old car? Are you a car dealer, come up with ways to make car purchases less stressful during this time and even after. For example, come up with ways to attract a potential buyer to buy a new car by the kind of incentives that you offer to make it more easier for a buyer to decide to buy. While restrategizing in your business, Also make sure that you have money that is enough to keep you going until things are ok. So many people are depressed now or are going into depression because all their expectations are being cut short especially business people. For instance, I was expecting 1m Naira or two thousand dollars but it is not forth coming. The essence is that you just stay afloat in whatever you doing, until when things start coming back to normal. Don’t get yourself into depression stay afloat and go with the flow
  3. financial survival- shares are falling, economic down turns, fold ups, unemployment, what do you do to earn money? You can still follow your dreams but the reality of the moment is staying afloat, don’t allow it to burry you. You will make the profit for your business as in a normal economic situation when things change with the economy bouncing back. You have to learn new ways of financial survival.

On the local level, depending on your dream, spend your money wisely. Instead of going into selling second hand clothes that are so expensive, go into food business. 2/3 of the people in the third world country are poor. You can’t go and get money from a money lender or a loan shack at this time and then go into a business of selling orkrika which is second hand clothes. 1. The customs will not even allow you and it could be difficult so.

Go into the kind of business that will attract little pennies daily is advisable at this time. Like go into the fish market and buy Greyfish, dry fish, fresh fish especially this is the season for fresh fish and sell in order to make little profit because on a dilly basis people must eat. As they buy from you to consume you are making profit on top of it. It will not be as big as getting a bail of orkrika, in a normal economy but you will survive.
So the underlying factor here is stay afloat so that you can keep pushing on. The Word of God is very clear when it says, give us this day our daily bread. It didn’t say give us tomorrow, but rather, it says concerning tomorrow, worry not about tomorrow , for tomorrow will take care of it self. That is another way to over come depression in this pandemic era.
Learn financial survival and learn to invest in ventures that will give you a daily income to survive.

Curtail wasting food. Eat in little quantity to avoid wastage. Ration food if you must. If you use to drink cranberry juice for instance and you are stretching to buy it, can you use a substitute good until, your financial standing improves, like drink water, coke, sprite that maybe cheaper? Can you look at how to save certain money now than spending. Instead of ordering food or eating out, can you grocery shop and cook at home more?

Can you have a little garden at your backyard where you can cultivate little things that you would buy from the market? Like pepper, vegetables, water leaf, corn or maize, saint leaves, cucumber, garden egg so that in terms of having something to you eat, you have a garden to pluck from. It is not all about going out to buy expensive things at this time, like you are looking for salmon when you can’t afford it but you can eat cat fish, Mackerel, or Cumbria, you can make do with that for now.

  1. social survival: how you relate with people matters, cut down on the parties. Learn to celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries within a small circle of family household. No more extravagant celebrations. You must learn to be self sufficient at this time and are with the new Normal.

So what are the Types of investment during and after this era that one can invest in with limited resources? Know bear in mind that what is limited to you might not be to others

  1. Real estate : this is the best time to invest in real estate for both seller and buyer because the market is cheaper for buyers and sellers need to sell out so they don’t go on Loans and other factors
  2. Online education : provide education online for those that’s won’t be able to go back to a class room anytime soon
  3. Selling goods online : this is the new world economy and market place
  4. Home delivery of food items : for health reason this is the best way to staying safe at home by avoiding populated places
  5. Providing home care service for the elderly : so many elderly persons are very venerable during this time, you can provide service for them by going to market for them and other things
  6. Sell or produce Organic hair products Beauty products
  7. Online games if you like playing games
  8. Software developing if you are an IT person
  9. Sale your products on social media (build website, blog, youtube, Facebook and IG just to mention a few )
  10. Food services : like shopping for groceries for those that can’t, like health care professionals

After all is said and done, No matter how you look at the world, the present population of those that are rich, is very infinitesimal (minute) compared to those that are poor. I am appealing to the larger audience 2/3 of the world population consists of people living below par.

In Order to Solve our problems we must Starts with the Low hanging fruits before stretching higher
you u must know that Staying alive, staying afloat restrategize your business, staying positive, staying encouraged in this era is very crucial. You must learn. To manage your finances wisely

I am Princess pat akpabio and that is changing minds changing attitudes